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17 Must Have Tools For Inbound Marketers in 2019

So do you want to be a mind-blowing Inbound Marketer? Wait But how? A) You should have an "Awesome Content". (Pretty basic right?) B) And to develop that content, all you'll need some inbound marketing tools (and a few thousand more). So many choices and that's where...

Getting Started With Inbound Marketing

Now before we directly start with "What exactly is Inbound marketing"? Let's have a look at a very familiar marketing scenario. When you go out in the shopping complex with your family/friends to shop, what is it that attracts, motivates or pushes you to go to a...

Google Tag Manager – Getting Started Guide

           Google Tag Manager -  Back to Basics Guide We use various tools to collect data from consumers. We often use tools like google analytics to understand what the users do on the website ,which pages they are visiting etc. However, collecting data looks simple...

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